Tendervendors is an entirely new approach to the world of business services. Until recently, sourcing new systems for the development of strategies within business was a complex and frustrating process for all concerned, typically involving lengthy phone conversations and multiple meetings with representatives.

All that has now changed. Tendervendors, the world’s first price comparison service for employers, has streamlined the entire process of tendering for new systems and suppliers. Individuals within companies tasked with sourcing new services now need only answer a few simple questions, and skilled negotiators will acquire and compile a list of quotes on their behalf, leaving them to focus on core business activities.

Tendervendors is completely free to use. We do not charge for our negotiating and price comparison service because commission is made once quotes are accepted and a sales lead is generated as a result of our service. This is entirely at the behest of the company making the enquiry, and we only release details to suppliers when we are instructed to.

Tendervendors is owned and operated by JLE Services Ltd, who specialise in business services. The founder of JLE Services, James Lloyd Evans, set up Tendervendors in 2009 after spending three years working for market-leading business service providers in the areas of payroll and employment law. It occurred to Lloyd that, despite the abundance of price comparison sites in the commercial sector, there was no dedicated price comparison service to cater for businesses. Lloyd also noticed a growing trend for providers to release ‘ball park figures’ when asked to supply quotes for their services, without the insistence of a representative of the supplier visiting the company beforehand. This led to the development of Tendervendors as a ‘one stop shop’ for business services, and a valuable resource for professionals who require multiple quotes for their desired service without having to commit to multiple meetings.